The job interview is one step in the job-hunting phase most of us hate. It can be a source of angst for candidates who are afraid of making mistakes which could get them cut off the shortlist. 

A great way of dealing with pre-interview anxiety is to find ways to feel good about it. In this week’s job-hunting entry, we will be sharing ways you can do this with ease.

Conduct Research before the Job Interview

Job Interview

This is one of the first things people usually do before an interview. A great way of starting your research is by researching the company and position you applied for. One of the most common questions in an interview is, “do you know anything about the company?” You don’t want to be the candidate that responds with a “no”. Try to research as much as you can so that you have enough to tell the interviewer.  

Doing your research also helps you to answer questions such as, “why do you want to work with us?” You could answer this by referring to a project the company worked on or the work culture you saw explained on their website. 

Doing your research on the company helps you to stand out amongst the other candidates; it gives you a chance to demonstrate your dedication and interest in the position. 

Review common interview questions and practice them.

The muse is one of the many places on the internet where you can find some of the most common interview questions. If possible, you could have someone help you in practicing these questions in an interview setting. If no one is available, try practicing with yourself in the mirror; you’ll be surprised by the drastic change in your confidence when you’re finished.

Another trick is to record yourself answering these questions. This gives you a chance to listen back for mistakes and learn how you can improve your answers. 

By going through common interview questions, you can enter interviews with your confidence shining as bright as the sun.

Normalize Rejection

Rejection does not have to be a big punch in the face. Sometimes getting rejected might make you question your capabilities; the door closed in your face might make you feel insignificant and small. This is the type of feeling that feeds off your self-esteem. Someone once told me that, “every closed door is a door waiting to reopen.” Sometimes we do not get an opportunity because there is a better one for us. The moment we stop trying to open closed doors is the moment we lose hope. So, try not to view rejection as a personal judgment, but simply as a sign that the job was not right for you, and there is another waiting for you.

Do not allow a professional rebuff to diminish your value.

Check for Skeletons before the Interview

Since the internet age it has gotten way harder to say “kumbaya” to mistakes; especially the ones that will prey on you if you are not careful. Most companies do background checks on candidates before an interview or before they are hired, and the perfect place to search is social media: the hiding place of a half-naked photo or a vulgar statement posted five years ago. I urge you to take pride in what you share on social media because it might be an obstacle between you and that new job. 

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