Women in their 20s are Killing it and inspiring others to do the same.

In the words of Benjamin Franklyn, “when you finish changing, you are finished”. Women have repeatedly demonstrated that they are not finished and that they will continue to transform and shape the world in the process. March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day set aside on the calendar to commemorate all of the advancements made by women throughout history. To keep the momentum going, we want to recognize the strength of a few women in their twenties and how they continue to embody change this International Women’s Day.

Some of these women have started businesses, leveraging their passions and talents to forge their own pathways to success.

Let’s take a look at the lessons these incredible women have chosen to impart.

The Teacher, Food Blogger and Content Creator – Lamoya Johnson

<<<What Motivates Her>>>

Lamoya knew what she wanted to be since she was a child and worked hard to achieve her goals. She is now living her dream of becoming a teacher and has served as a source of comfort for many of her students and peers. Her unwavering determination to achieve her goal is a reflection of her parents’ encouragement and unequivocal support throughout her journey.

She, like most women in their twenties, has struggled with comparison. She discovered that comparison only steals one’s joy. This struggle has driven her to strive to be the best version of herself.

I repeated that sentence everyday until I started believing it and knowing for sure that there is no need to compare myself.  I strive everyday to be a better version of myself.

<<<Lesson’s She has Learned>>>

Dreams require Sacrifices. “Nothing in life is handed to you, and if you have big dreams, those big dreams will demand big sacrifices. Putting in the time and the work other people are simply unwilling to do. You will have to work through the night, weekends, holidays, birthdays, and vacations. You will have to turn down doing things you desperately want to do because you need to work to reach your goal. You will consistently have to make short-term sacrifices to achieve your long-term goal. It will get lonely, but you’ll be fine.”

<<<Something She’s Most Proud Of>>>

Making Positive Impacts. “I’m most proud of the fact that I can make a positive impact on the lives of others. It feels soooooo good when I hear my students or adults saying I’m their role model or they love how much I love myself or I make a world of difference when I motivate them. Making a positive impact for me creates such a ripple effect, that goes far beyond what I can imagine. That I am proud of.”

<<<Her Advice to You>>>

Invest in Experiences. “Experiences with your family, friends, and yourself. In your 20s you have more time and fewer obligations than you will ever have. Take advantage of it and travel, pursue hobbies, and experience things you want to experience. More demands professionally and personally will come later, so enjoy these years and maximize your experience. When you invest in experiences it makes your heart happy.”

At 29 years old Lamoya is not anxious about what the future will bring. Instead, she is focused on plans for a cafe and traveling the world with her friends and family.

The CEO and Communications Advisor – Khrystal Walcott

Khrystal began her career during the early stages of the COVID19 pandemic when most of us were befuddled. She started a business and hoped for the best. She overcame adversity to become the proud CEO of Khrystal Klaire Communications and a Disaster Management Communication Advisor.

<<<What Motivates Her>>>

Khrystal, like most twenty-something women, is concerned about the future. This fear, combined with her perfectionist mindset, made everything more difficult for her. Anyone in their twenties would agree that this is a bad combination to deal with. This was especially difficult for her in 2021, when she was just beginning her career and business. Despite numerous uncertainties and challenges, Khrystal was able to overcome her fear and pursue her goal of becoming the best CEO she could be.

The pandemic taught her that things don’t always go as planned, but she would have to move on regardless. This struggle has taught her self-awareness and a better understanding of the people around her.

…it has allowed me in a weird way to zone in more on myself, how to take care of me, assess people around me and try to take things day by day.

<<<Lesson’s She has Learned>>>

Life does not go according to plan. “My career started in the midst of the pandemic which was a very tough adjustment. I have seen so many changes around me and so much growth since March 2020 because I had to adapt to the pace. I’m a planner by nature so it’s still a challenge but it has taught me to be flexible and open-minded.”

<<<Something She’s Most Proud Of>>>

Her business, Khrystal Claire Communications. “I’m proud of my business because I never saw it coming and I love it. Some days are long some are better than others but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s mine and no one can take it from me.”

<<<Her Advice to You>>>

Take care of yourself. Create a space that you know makes you happy. Make memories. Be authentic. Love those around you while they’re there. Live and experience everything.”

Khrystal’s journey is just getting started. She intends to finish her master’s degree, write more, and travel outside of Barbados. She wants to focus not only on achieving career goals but also on finding inner peace and contentment.

The Digital Marketer – Sandreen McVoitte

Sandreen’s success as a Digital Marketer comes as no surprise; she is a wordsmith at heart and an excellent communicator. This 24-year-old communications enthusiast is currently employed as an Associate Account Executive at a marketing firm. When the day is done and the atmosphere has calmed down, she spends her time writing and publishing poetry on her Instagram poetry page.

<<<What Motivates Her>>>

Her Family. “The difficulty I think motivates me is the current living situation my family is in, not being able to comfortably reside in your home because there are people who dictate when something can be repaired or built. Or if something can be adjusted. Having to relocate because the condition you are in is not conducive to a healthy living situation. Not being certain about where you reside and for how long you’ll be able to stay there.”

To be an example for my Sister who will come after me, to show her that life is achievable, and she can do anything she sets her mind to once she tries hard enough.”

<<<Lesson’s She has Learned>>>

Expect the unexpected. “I have learned in my 20s that life is unpredictable, and when you least expect it things work themselves out because there is always a solution to EVERY problem; ALWAYS another way, another option that you didn’t initially think about. That essential happiness comes when you let go and let God.”

<<<Her Advice to You>>>

Don’t hurry or worry, just live. “I would tell them that life is for living. Secondly, take your time. There is enough time to figure out what you want and who you want to be. It is always ok to change your mind. And if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”

Sandreen has always been a high achiever. She is dedicated to doing her best in Digital Marketing and aspires to work as a Communications Consultant one day. She is concentrating her efforts on developing her brand and establishing a Spoken Word Poetry Club where poets like herself can freely express themselves and inspire others. She also plans to begin working on her Ph.D. within the next five years.

With these plans and an uncertain future, Sandreen follows the mantra “Let Go and Let God.”

The Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and YouTuber – Kemisha Jackson

Kemisha Jackson is a multi-talented individual. She runs her own business, works in digital marketing, is an aspiring YouTuber, and is the mother of two beautiful children. Kemishs’s life, like the lives of the other ladies in this blog, has been unpredictable. She learned how to avoid crumbling under pressure and embrace new experiences from her first business, Kaylee’s Events.

<<<What Motivates Her>>>

The People She Loves. Kemisha lives for the happiness and comfort of her children. Besides this, her sister reminds her often of how talented and brilliant she is. She often feels her sister has more confidence in her than she has in herself.

“Having two tiny humans that are depending on me and looking up to me for guidance [and] My sister’s confidence in me [lol] I can’t let her down.”

<<<Lessons She has Learned>>>

Prepare for the Unpredictable. “I’ve learned that’s life will always throw you a curveball! It’s a jungle out here! So be prepared. Be prepared to face difficulties, be prepared to fail, be prepared for criticism, be prepared to learn!

<<<Her Advice to You>>>

Never Give Up! “Challenges will come, that’s a given but never stop pushing forward. The moment you give up is the moment you fail!”

Kemisha is well aware that difficulties will arise, but she remains focused on her entrepreneurial goals, being the best mother she can be, and being the best version of herself every day. She understands that struggle is normal, and that what really matters is learning and conquering challenges as they arise.

The Media Mogul – Sadie-Ann Flemming

Sadie-Ann was well aware that she would face numerous challenges as she aspired to become one of Jamaica’s most prolific news anchors for one of the country’s two largest news organizations. Sadie-Ann is enrolled at CARIMAC, the University of the West Indies, and is focused on completing her first degree in Journalism. During her second year, she briefly worked in radio, print, and production with the goal of becoming a news anchor.

Remember how we said earlier that life can be very unpredictable? Sadie-Ann is now a Public Relations Officer at Food for the Poor Jamaica, where she is having a great time. According to Sadie, public relations was not something she had planned on doing, but she is now loving every minute of it.

Sadie-Ann is also preoccupied with Flame Media Production, a production company she founded in 2021. Despite the fact that the company is still in its early stages, she is confident that her passion for production will propel it to great success.

We have a faaaaar way to go, [we’re]still in the teething stages but I am looking forward to great things that this business will do. It’s my passion

<<<What Motivates Her>>>

Life and Purpose “Life motivates me to be my best self-everyday. We live in a world that has so much darkness and I know that I am light, so therefore I want to continue to be that … a light, a smile, an encouraging word.”

The people I love. “My family keeps me motivated. My parents and my big brothers have gone above and beyond for me to be the bold, ambitious, and beautiful woman I am today. Also my five-year-old niece, Zahara. I see so much of myself in her and I know she’s watching.  My friends, I have a great support group.”

<<<Lessons She’s Learned>>>

Do not make excuses. “I’ve learned that life waits on no one. I’ve learned that decision-making is very important and playing the victim must not be encouraged. Too many excuses. Just do it. I’ve learned to #sticktotheplan.”

<<<Her Advice To You>>>

Keep Your Head up. “Hey, Chin up. Everything is happening for a reason. I know you feel pressured, and you feel as if you’re not doing enough or achieving all you need to at once, but you’ll do great things. It’s only up from here.”

Sadie- Ann understands how difficult it is to be in your twenties. There is always a list and the need to cross things off. It is the age when we feel compelled to stay busy and complete tasks before it is too late. She is now concentrating on developing her personal brand and pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities. Sadie-Ann stays busy completing her degree in journalism and doing short courses in marketing and public relations. Her ambition is to be happy, healthy, and successful in her career.

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