There is nothing like giving back to our community, to young people, to those who need more than we do. It is that feeling you get from a smile you contributed to – a feeling of accomplishment from simply being kind. There is no gift like KINDNESS – like putting a smile on someone’s face. Like Abbi-Gail Salmon would say “Smile, Smile, Smile Again”.

Founded by Abbi-Gail Salmon, ELIMS is one of the many foundations which has been sharing and embracing this gift. The foundation has been living up to its name, Empowering Lives In My Surrounding.

But ELIMS is not the name that was first coined by the strong woman of God. It was first called Byeh and was changed after a consultation with a friend.

When you hear the word it means bi-sexual or whatever else it speaks to

Abbi-Gail Salmon

The name ELIMS was a confirmation from the Lord.

According to Abbi-Gail, the foundation is already on a great start and there is, even more, to look forward to. So far the foundation has assisted over 13 people which includes elders, single parents, and a teenager who lost her home to a fire. A dream that started from high school has become a reality for Abbi-Gail.

Her Experience

When one meets Abbi-Gail they would just see her smile and kind gesture, a strong woman who embraces true laughter. But it is said that there is always an experience or story which contributes to the strength of an individual. Abbi-Gail Salmon shares her own story with She Forges.

Change for Abbi-Gail started on November 25, 2018. Like any other Sunday, she went to church and was happy and grateful that she ended another day doing what she loves – praising the Lord.

My world was turned upside down…Everything was fine until I started smelling something burning right before I was about to go sleep.

Abbi–Gail Salmon

She lost her home to a fire and everything her father and her self invested in were lost. The struggle, however, did not stop at losing a new start in her home but also lead to sleepless nights from traumatization.

I was so depressed I kept asking God, why me? I couldn’t eat because I couldn’t stop crying …I was so broken…

Abbi-Gail Salmon

Even though some turned their back, there were still others who provided a shoulder to lean on and stood in the gap of prayer for her. She had a strong support system of friends and church family.

Although counseling played its part, her faith and continuous prayer were what helped Abbi-Gail to heal from her loss.

God never died. I love him even more because he kept me, he provided for me, he loved me when I couldn’t get anymore love…I prayed more, I worshipped more, I laughed more, I love even more… I believe in me. It’s hard to start all over again as it breaks you mentally, physically, but with God, on my side, I can move mountains.

Abbi-Gail Salmon

Her vision for ELIMS

ELIMs have already been successful and there is a lot more to look forward to.

I see us having our actual location with different offices such as mentorship square, a reach out square as the main field of the foundation

Abbi-Gail Salmon

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