Like any other anniversary, one would look forward to rumination on past events:  what made them the way they are today, how far they are coming from, achievements, etc. Today we celebrate 58 years of Independence in Jamaica and it is therefore not surprising that as a people we think about one of the darkest eras of our history. Colonization robbed Jamaica of years that could add to its progress. Its people were tortured, and the island exploited all while increasing the riches of the Europeans. Every year Jamaicans place a lot of effort into “adding extra” to this holiday like any other. It is that time of the year that was longed for on the plantations and in the “rich man’s” house. After such a long desire a “likkle but wi talawah” spirited celebration must take place. 


She was free until they came

They took her pride and cast on her shame

Her people cried but God gave them time

The whip peeled their skin

The rope had the white man’s print

He was in charge and more were shipped to be torched

Indeed, working in the fields were hard

Their arms ached from planting

The sun smiled on their skin

Families were parted and the man could do nothing

He was now a woman trapped in a new place

On this plantation he had no space

His wife now raped, and he trembled from the ache

Nine months later came what looked like a new race

At nights they look at the sky

Wondering when the years would pass by.


1962 – She can finally smile

58 years of celebration after such a long time

Her resilience has been proven

She conquered 10 hurricanes and 6 major storms

In 2019 she was the economic boss

Cheers to an extraordinary turn around

She stamped her name on the Olympic tracks

Big up to all the track superstars!

She has her fist in the air for Reggae and Dancehall

Bob Marley’s legacy continue to live on

One Love is still what Jamaicans chant

Koffee, our lioness will not fall

Chronixx and Damion continue to stand tall

Every little thing is going to be alright after all

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY JAMAICA!  We have come a far way – 58 years of independence is something to be proud of.

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