The weight was on your shoulders, yet you never complained

You played a double role and for this we declare your fame

There are days I know you cry

But we applaud you because you try

Your hands might have blisters

But for this your crown glistens

Today I stare at the mirror and I see you

A hardworking woman, bearer of who I am

Your whites shine with the sun on the line

And church passerby stopped to comment on them

For these whites you complained at nights

Because you gave them all that you might

You got so much, and you gave it away

And even though your children complained

You said we are not just being kind in vain

It is Sunday and I’m tired from a night of play

But you opened that window because it was time to pray and give praise

We grumbled and threw the sheets over our heads

For the devil wanted us to stay in bed

It is Monday morning time to start another week

Time to get ready for learning

But I dread these days

For adulthood I’m yearning

I disliked your plaits in my hair

For other students teasing I thought this was unfair

With oil scaring my forehead

In shame my head was buried

On Tuesday you shouted because I was rude

I thought you were unfair and got in a fuzzy mood

How could you shout at me and make me cry?

How dare you cuss because of a mere stutter?

Didn’t you do the same when you were a child?

But these were mere mutter and you were only upset because you were scared.

Now I am almost 22 and lessons were taught.

Mommy lessons were learnt because you fought.

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