A poem written by Crisan Evans not to condemn the Mask On rule but to bring awareness to the mental health of people during the COVID-19 Pandemic

We used to run from the guy who wore the mask, and today we proudly walk beside those who wear them.

Since the COVID pandemic, among a lot of things, the mask-on phrase is something we have come to accept.

We now eagerly greet the man or woman who wears the mask with only one thought.

He or she wears the mask to protect themselves and other people around them.

We no longer care about what hides underneath the mask, and even if we do, it is not prioritized.

When you share your greetings, are you greeted back with a smile or frown, bruised eyes, or a face mourning loss, abuse, or depression?

Yes, we understand the rules, mask on, but do you understand?

He or she has come to depend on the mask.

The abuser said, Oh, the mask will cover it up

The sad girl or boy said, Oh, I do not have to force a smile today

The victim of domestic violence said, Oh, no one will see my bruises I do not have to wear make-up

The thief said oh, jolly me I do not have to stand out among the good people

Again, we understand the mask-on rule, but do you understand?

Mask on, to hide the pain

Mask on to keep pretending

Mask on to hide how you truly feel

Mask on so no one else will see.

Mask on so you can be left alone.

Mask on because it is legal.

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