Hey Forgers! I know I haven’t written anything in a minute since lately, and that’s because I’ve been feeling a little melancholy. Have you ever been at a place in your life where you believe that you should have passed eons ago? Well that’s where I am at right now, and the very fact that I am still here is eating me alive. I am surrounded by persons who feed me negative energy on a daily basis and as much as I am trying to ward that energy off by staying optimistic; it’s gradually demotivating me and trying to drag me into an abyss of madness.

 Over these past few weeks I’ve felt like I have been drained of all my energy and emotion. I was constantly being reminded about where I am at, through malicious intents, until I got to a point where I was feeling wary and refuse to even defend myself and my sanity anymore. So, I say to that person out there who is going through something similar as me, and are burned out and at the verge of giving up, DON’T YOU DARE. You are stronger than that.

When they try to break you it is okay to stay quiet, but is not okay to give in to their words. You are amazing. I remember my grandmother used to say, “Humble calf suck di most milk”. Keep being humble and sit back while God fight all your bottles, but I can guarantee to you that you will reap the benefits (stable mind, a good conscience, etc. ) from just staying still and allowing God to take control of your battles – I promise this is just a phase and you will stand strong while the dust from your battles clear the air.

However, while you wait put in some work. That’s right, don’t you dare sit back and relax and expected God to do everything for you; because faith without work is dead. Get your lazy butt up and build yourself! Build yourself for that blessing your battles are preparing you for.

Are you an unemployed graduate? Grab that computer or book and build your skill. Are you somebody stuck in a job you hate? Grab that Sunday Gleaner and search like you have never before. You cannot expect to gain from doing nothing. That is emotional suicide. Do not create the chains around your feet.

With that being said I hope you guys feel motivated because this is coming from the heart. All the best!

XOXO Crisan

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  1. MelaninAbbi

    I needed this 🥺thank you

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