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The celebration persists on this fresh platform. I’ll maintain the flow of cherished content you’ve come to adore — bolstering you with personal anecdotes, my quirky millennial perspective, and my odyssey as a writer striving to forge a meaningful path.

If you seek a website offering financial guidance, daily inspiration, lifestyle insights, cultural exploration, entertainment, love, and women’s topics in an engaging and approachable manner, look no further!

Topics I discuss on the blog


Two of my favourite things to do on a quiet day is to either sit back, relax and read a novel or enjoy a movie with a nice bowl of ice cream or my favorite snack, Doritos with a glass of refreshing orange juice. I love sharing my experiences and I often come across some of the most interesting movies and books, so being the kind person that I am, I want to share these with you, my fellow readers. 

I am also a poetry enthusiast and I often scribble them in places where they get lost and having this category will ensure they are always right where I can find them + you get to see what’s going on in my head through creative words.

PS: I also love getting feedback so don’t be afraid to send me your thoughts on my reviews or simple opinions. 


As a 22-year-old woman, a sister, an older daughter…a human being, I encounter so many things daily, and I love to write about them! Relationships, good days, bad days, weird encounters, life lessons…I will share all my tales with you. 

I love to especially write about the things that affect us as millennials and the relationships that make us. 

I will also be sharing my personal stories and DIY fixes, pieces to help get you out of a rut and help activate the bada$ you truly are.


One of my biggest struggles as a twenty-something-year-old is budgeting. One minute I am a “millionaire” and the next I am super broke. I often find that I have no idea what I spend my money on. Recently I decided that I will be challenging myself to save at least 500K in 2021 (God help me lol). I am a very ambitious person and I have realized that in order to actually achieve certain goals I will have to discipline myself financially and I would love to share this journey with you….so read on.


I love motivating people whether through my life experiences, my Christian journey, or through random encounters. As a matter of fact, this is one of the first reasons She Forges was created. In high school, I used to enjoy devotions simply because our principal would invite different guest speakers to encourage us and I would often daydream about being on a stage talking to thousands of people and sharing experiences that have had greats impacts on my life. Through my blog, I hope to make this dream a reality and motivate at least one person who comes across my blog.