This cosmic question has always been something that we all try to find the answer to. But, the truth is there is no definitive meaning of life. Why? Because life is not constant and we all live a different life. Life is what “you” make it to be. What one may acknowledge as the meaning of one’s own life, another may acknowledge something entirely different as the meaning of his/her life? The truth is, if we exist only to discover who we are, then we may never come to the conclusion of understanding our true purpose.

This may seem a little odd, but I discovered this from watching a children’s animated cartoon, “The Amazing World of Gumball.” In the cartoon, there was this episode where the main characters, Gumball and Darwin, were struggling with the cosmic question, “What is the meaning of life.” In this episode, the creators of the series tried to answer the question in a number of failed attempts, however, one of those many attempts stood out to me. The duo asked a friend from school, Sussie, the same question, and in an unexpectedly articulate manner, she says the answer is actually a question, namely finding out how to enjoy one’s life.

Sussie went on by saying that the meaning of life is doing the things that make you happy. So if driving west doing 30 m/h in a car you can’t afford, with a plan you don’t have, just listening to your music and the road makes you happy (Debora from Baby Driver)…then do it. As for myself, I find happiness reading manga – the Japanese version of comic books – and watching anime and other animated movies.

So the next time you find yourself discombobulated about why you are here, or what is your purpose in life, just think about what makes you happy. I know a lot of people might be saying that our purpose in life is to praise and serve God. And by all accounts, I agree with you! But think about it though, is our purpose in life truly only to serve and praise God. Well, I beg to differ on this part. Why? Because God is omnipotent, all-powerful; God is omniscient, all-knowing; God is omnificent, unlimited in creative power; God is omnipresent, God is everywhere at the sometimes – the beginning, the end, and the present. So tell me do you believe that God needs our prayers and worship? No! God gave us all free will to be free and to explore and find ourselves. God made us “HUMAN”.

I conclude this by saying, our purpose in life is to serve and worship God and finding the best part of who we are. Hold on to our innocence and delve deep into our imagination because we can become anything that we set our minds to. Because we are the meaning of life.

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