Before I start this blog post, I want to first issue a disclaimer to denounce any thought or assumption that my blog entry is promoting any political party in any shape or form.

I have recently started a YouTube series dubbed ‘Snack and Chat with Crisan’. My aim for the series is to be able to shoot each episode at different locations. I did episode one at the Hope Gardens in St. Andrew. Today, episode two was scheduled to be shot at the National Heroes Circle in Kingston. However, I ended up doing the shoot in a car instead of in the beautiful gardens of the park, because of the rain.

During each scene or take, I would normally take the time to observe my surroundings. I was inspired with awe by the beautiful and reverent scene of the park. I even took the time to stop, acknowledge, and peruse the legacy written on some of the tombstones that commemorate the services and efforts of some of Jamaica’s most extraordinary servicemen. Services and efforts that pushed and embraced the Jamaican brand to be recognized by the world at large.

Gradually, my focus zoomed in on one specific tombstone. After seeing this tombstone, I had to do a double-take and recollect my thoughts to figure out if what I was seeing was an illusion or a mirage created by the hot sun and the rain. However, after I was able to focus my gaze, all I could see was pure disrespect. I was fueled by anger, and my heart was flooded with disgust.

How could the government of Jamaica? How could the people of Jamaica allow something like this to happen?

When I saw the tombstone of Jamaica’s most prolific and transformational leader, The Most Honorable Edward Phillip Seaga, I felt chills in my heart.

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Compared to every other tombstone, it was as if he was a “nobody” who did nothing for our beloved country when he was alive.

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From my perspective, Jamaica has never had a leader who implemented so many ideas and changes that we [Jamaicans] are still benefiting from today.

The Most Honorable Edward Seaga’s accomplishments and devotions to Jamaica:

  1. He is credited with having built the financial and planning infrastructure of the country [Jamaica] after independence, as well as having developed its arts and crafts, and awareness of national heritage.
  2. He initiated a rewrite of the Human Rights section of the Constitution to provide for a Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms and created the office of a public defender.
  3. He established the Jamaica Festival Movement and spearheaded the repatriation of Marcus Garvey and his appointment as the country’s first National Hero.
  4. He created the training institution, HEART Trust/NTA, and established the Urban Development Corporation, Jamaica Stock Exchange, and Jamaica Unit Trust.
  5. Also to his credit was the creation of the Jamaica Mortgage Bank; Students’ Loan Bureau; National Development Bank; Agricultural Credit Bank; Jamaica National Investment Promotion Ltd., now Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO); and the EXIM Bank.
  6. He transformed his West Kingston constituency, then known as ‘Back-O-Wall’, into a modern, low-income residential community. It was renamed Tivoli Gardens and remains a model of successful urban community development.
  7. He launched the Golden Age Movement to assist elderly persons, the Food Aid Programme to assist underprivileged persons in lower-income earning communities, and the Student Revolving Loan Fund to assist needy students at the university level.

So tell me, with all these accomplishments, does he not deserve much better treatment? How can they do this? How come no one said anything about this?

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  1. Jada

    🤷🏿‍♀️I think his burial is fine, he’s the most recent entry maybe he/his estate wanted to keep it humble

    Best they kept it simple cause we nave no money

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